Founded by Robert Turner, he wanted to throw a huge birthday party for his sister Shanna after forgetting her birthday in 2006. The next birthday was the first Shannapalooza, and it was such a great party we decided to do it every year! It’s a celebration of family, friends, music and sunny Sacramento summer’s and it’s open to the public.

Shannapalooza started in 2007 as a birthday party for Shanna, thrown by her brother Bob. Want to hear the story of where it came from? Alright, read on!

Shanna and Bob are the middle 2 of 4 siblings from Sacramento. Their parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses when they were kids, so it was normal to not celebrate any birthdays, holidays, or most special occasions.

During a camping trip in 2006 Shanna, Bob and a bunch of friends were sitting around the camp fire at Weaver lake. Shanna called out every persons birthday in the group from memory, and when she came to her brother Bob’s birthday she asked if he knew her birthday. Not only did he not know her birthday, he didn’t even know the month! Shanna began to cry and Bob felt like a total loser. But he vowed to throw her a huge birthday party the next year, and to make it the best birthday ever!

Bob has been a active musician in the Sacramento scene since his youth, playing clubs from the age of 16. He called a bunch of friends in local bands and they we together a great day of music on private property in Colfax. We setup an outdoor stage, a huge sound system, several kegs of beer and BBQ. It was our first Shannapalooza. It was such a great time, we decided to start a tradition and do it every year!

Shanna and Bob (and their 2 siblings Brandon & Anna) had a rough child hood, with periods of homelessness, divorced parents at an early age, living in poverty, moving constantly, struggles to complete school, and a family split between JW’s and non JW’s. Yet the siblings were extremely close through their childhood and continue to stay very close as a family. Shanna is a very selfless person that always puts the needs of others above herself, and does so without expecting anything in return. So it was the least Bob could do to throw her a great party and let her know how special she is to him and everyone in their circle of family and friends.

So come be a part of something special that is truly about family, friends, and local music! All are invited, we hope to see you this year!